David Knight - 9th Jan 2017

Rob Jury utilises his experience working on Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia movies to create a visual feast for Izzy Flynn, portraying the London singer-songwriter in three separate personas, confronting strange characters in CG-enhanced scenarios.

Each of her personas – the Storyteller, the Vulnerable and the Warrior - features fashion creations by upcoming designers Sadie Clayton, Melissa Tofton and Myia Bonner - as she battles those representations of her inner demons, fear and anxiety.


“It was also important for Izzy to experience a change in mentality throughout the video that was also expressed visually. Izzy is presented as 3 characters: The Storyteller, the vulnerable and the strong. The Storyteller would become the present day Izzy. Her style would be very cool, sleek and confident. This would become the foundation of the video, whereby Izzy would be telling her story to the audience.    

"The weak would be presented as slightly angelic, with white soft tones to her palette. She would be wrapped in cloth, stripped to its bare essentials; exposed to the elements. The strong character of Izzy would be more ‘warrior-esque’. She would be expressed through powerful clothing, hard angles in both makeup and clothing. Her outfit would be layered with leather and darker tones. She stands confident and proud.”


DirectorRob Jury
ProducerDylan Rees
1st ADCatherine Carswell
Director of PhotographyLuke Glover
WardrobeCinzia Contro
HairFaith L London
Make-upFlorence Carter
Make-upDebbie Purkiss
EditorRob Jury
ColouristKevin Doogan
Post ProducerRob Jury
VFXNeil Szymanski
VFXTerry Tsang
Lead actorChrissie Chanel
Lead actorMark 'the Beast' Epstein
Other creditsLighting Assistants: Adrian And Andrew Sinatra

David Knight - 9th Jan 2017

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