David Knight - 9th Jan 2017

Revenge is a never-ending cycle in Max Lincoln's time-bending music video for Father.

Shot in 4:3 to mimic the mysterious black square that sits in the forest, the clip follows two women who discover versions of themselves embroiled in a never-ending fight. Aesthetically similar to a fashion film, only with much more surreal leanings, the clip glides effortlessly through an impossible mystery.


HairMackenzie Hodge
DirectorMax Lincoln
Production ManagerEvelyn Rooney
Director of PhotographyYiannis Manolopoulos
Art DirectorMax Lincoln
WardrobeBronya Arciszewska
ProducerMax Lincoln
Make-upMackenzie Hodge
EditorSam Khoie
ColouristJason R Moffat
Lead actorAlina Portnova
Lead actorAbby Wilson

David Knight - 9th Jan 2017

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