Promo News - 13th Dec 2016

A delightful animation from the Paris-based Serbian director Aćim Vasić, here collaborating with Emilee Seymour, which tells the love story of two constellations of stars, from a big bang to their unison.

This short clip of a star horse bounding across the night sky with its star eagle lover, was created with stop motion silhouette animation, using a light table and After Effects, Seymour providing the art direction and shadow puppetry as well as co-directing with Vasić. 


DirectorAćim Vasić
DirectorEmilee Seymour
Art DirectorEmilee Seymour
EditorAćim Vasić
EditorEmilee Seymour
Label10h10 (cristal Records)

Promo News - 13th Dec 2016

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