Luke Bather - 8th Dec 2016

Sadie Dupuis (aka Sad13) teams up with Isabel Farrington to give us a 90s dancercise lesson in consent for 'Get A Yes'.

Embracing 90s infomercial aesthetics in all of their wonderful, low-budget garishness, the clip is a fun and tongue-in-cheek approach to an incredibly serious topic. Swapping out sex for dance for the illustrative purposes of the video, Sadie is the leader of her own dancercise troupe who presents us with a handy guidebook to consent, complete with an incredible wardrobe and intentionally overblown all-smiles acting.

Sadie told Pitchfork, "I wanted to make a tribute to ’90s-style group dance videos, and my childhood friend Patsy Gay, who spends her days as a dance archivist, put together a sample reel of choreography using moves from Spice Girls, Aaliyah, Salt-N-Pepa, Janet Jackson, and Jordan Knight vids... plus Stephanie Tanner and Urkel. Isabel Farrington, who directed the video, styled it as a late-night TV infomercial about teaching the dos and don'ts of getting consent to dance with your partner. We filled the video with tons of our friends and shot it over a couple days at Silent Barn." 


DirectorIsabel Farrington
ProducerKelly Matousek
Associate ProducerAmanda King
1st ADGregory Marcus
Director of PhotographyJulie Ludwig
GafferJeremiah Davis
GripHannah Rifkin
1st ACJeremy Robbins
ChoreographerPatsy Gay
Other creditsAssistant Choreographer: Arielle Pina Art Director: Kristina Porter Art Assistant: Alex Royle Hair & Makeup: Paige Campbell Wardrobe: American Two Shot Stylist: Laura Sumich Assistant Styling: Amanda King Editor: Isabel Farrington Graphics & Animation: Rose Todaro Colorist: Julie Ludwig Gear Rental: Alex Bolinger

Luke Bather - 8th Dec 2016

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