Luke Bather - 29th Nov 2016

Bored of the idyllic tropical haven on a distant, mythical planet, a female inhabitant goes on soul searching journey in Maxmana's erotic, psychedelic video for Falco Benz.

With a simple, yet rich and textured colour scheme, the animation looks as though it should be best viewed under UV light. The inhabitants of this planet appear to be half-human half-feline women in search of love and adventure, and we follow one across some incredible terrain in this imaginative, fluid animation.


ArtworkingVictor Moatti
Production CompanyCircus Family
ProducerMarieke Konijn
AnimationMichel Wijdemans
AnimationEdwin Haverkamp
AnimationHein Lagerweij
AnimationKars van Geenen
AnimationRuben van Esterik
AnimationSimon Groot Kormelink

Luke Bather - 29th Nov 2016

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