Luke Bather - 17th Nov 2016

After releasing volume 1 back in June, Carlos Lopez Estrada and the team behind #BARS are back with a bigger, bolder second installment.

Recreating twelve classic literary scenes as hip-hop vignettes in a single 40-minute take is damned impressive. Add into the mix a live score and a full theatre audience and what you've got is something that runs beyond ambitious and straight into insane. With Tony Award winners, Broadway stars and celebrated rappers making up some of the cast, combined with awesome set design and precision work from Estrada and his team, this is worth setting aside 40 minutes of your day to absorb.


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Director of PhotographyPatrick Jones
Production designerAnnie Chernecky
ChoreographyChris Walker
VFXAndres Jaramillo
VFXDerek King
VFXAlejandro Taylor
SoundJackie Zhou
Production CompanyDiktator
Other creditsCreated by: Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs Music: Samora Pinderhughes and Erica Telisnor

Luke Bather - 17th Nov 2016

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