David Knight - 15th Nov 2016

A cast of visually intriguing characters, a jet-black snake, and a series of disquieting VFX-enhanced images conjure a hypnotically unreal visual accompaniment to Polish band Rysy's track Father, created by the highly regarded Martyna Iwańska.  

Iwańska's work has already been showered with awards and festival appearances, including Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. her interpretation of Father is both sombre and surreal and required very precise planning in advance of the shoot from a team at post production house Chimney Poland.

“When I was working on the music video, rather than follow a clear-cut plot, I focused on capturing the close atmosphere of the song," says Iwańska. "At some point, the scenes just started to arrange themselves. The unhurried editing style and slow motion shots were designed as a striking counterpoint to the band’s strong electronic sound, and with the enormous support from post-production, I could fully unleash my imagination.”

Her producer Wiola Łabędź adds: “The project was quite a challenge. The huge number of special effects scenes required very close cooperation with the post-production crew already at the stage of designing the film set. We had a large number of characters, beautiful but time-consuming makeup, and a limited filming time. Let me point out that we managed to finish shooting in just one day, mainly thanks to our committed, professional and efficient crew. Even the snake obediently followed orders.”

Seven VFX artists led by Marcin Drabiński worked on the music video, and Drabiński says: “In order to achieve natural, high quality images, we deliberately chose not to use green screens, which meant we had a lot more work to do at the post-production stage. We were also present on set at all times, optimising the work on the special effects scenes as they were filmed. There are more than 30 of them in the video. We are definitely proud of ‘Snakeheart’ and ‘Trainglehead.’ These two sequences were extremely time-consuming, and very rewarding at the same time.”


DirectorMartyna Iwańska
ProducerWiola Łabędź
Production CompanyFlota Filmowa
Post production companyChimney Poland
Post ProducerEwa Paradowska
VFX DirectorMarcin Drabiński
Make-upAda Merska
Make-upMaja Adamiak

David Knight - 15th Nov 2016

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