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Lyves 'Darkest Hour' by Thomas Ralph

Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2016

Young Caviar director Thomas Ralph is the winner of Homespun Yarns 2016 in association with Wave Studios - for his poignant short documentary treatment for Lyves's track Darkest Hour.

Commissioning four directors, the brief was to interpret the track - whether as just lyrical inspiration, documentary, short-fiction to full-blown music video. With a moving series of lively portraits, Thomas has attempted to truthfully explore and artfully portray the UK's points of view post-Brexit, by talking to younger generation about their beliefs, hopes and fears.



"As Brexit kicks in and the UK embarks on a new political and social path; our film seeks to portray, listen and understand the generation to be most affected and for whom the situation was decided without them, the British youth. What we found was that the notion of ‘Darkest Hour’ for many is not necessarily the hour on the horizon, it may have been the one that just passed."

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Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2016

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Thomas Ralph
Nadira Amrani
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ore Okonedo


Director of Photography
Joseph Alexander Guy
1st AC
Ines Duarte
1st AC
Pascale Neuschafer


Paul O’reilly
Editing company

Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2016

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