Luke Bather - 3rd Oct 2016

Artist, clothing mogul and antagonist to wall cleaners worldwide, Shepard Fairey makes a foray into music with new project NØISE. Rickett & Sones are on hand to deliver a surreal, slow-burning video for Little Lions.

Starting off as a straight performance video, Fairey and various members of his band exchange glances as we follow their eye lines slowly to different vantage points around a bar. The audience, ignorant at first, soon becomes transfixed on the performance onstage before the whole video takes a left turn into strange and we find out exactly why they needed to be distracted in the first place.

A slow, strange and at times Lynchian video with a great, unexpected payoff.


DirectorRickett & Sones
ProducerNicholas Desantis
ProducerDerek Dale
Other creditsDirector of Photography: BRYANT JANSEN Wardrobe: ANNA SU Makeup & Hair: MORGAN SILVA Production: ANTHEM FILMS

Luke Bather - 3rd Oct 2016

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