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Hinds 'Bamboo' by Laurina Paperina

Luke Bather - 28th Sept 2016

Hinds steal themselves a new image in this sweet, lo-fi animated video by Italian artist Laurina Paperina.

Paperina's work is deceptively childlike, but quickly dives into some pretty violent scenarios. The members of Hinds (or the best thieves in the world, according to this clip) saw off a Unicorn's horn, rip a tail from a rat, and murder the god of thunder with his own bolts, all in the aid of securing themselves an excellent new logo. There's a happy ending here for the rat, at least. And Hinds future seems a little more extraterrestrial than one might expect. 

A great video that despite being a world away from Hinds other recent visual output, somehow just fits in perfectly with it.

Luke Bather - 28th Sept 2016


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Laurina Paperina

Luke Bather - 28th Sept 2016

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