Cat Velez - 26th Sept 2016

Benjamin Smallwood - who previously shot the playfully anachronistic slice of Brit-psychedelia for White Room's Think Too Much - has channeled Tibet's madcap energy into video for There Is A Place. 

Described by Benjamin as the "surreal nightmares of a rock and roll panda," it has a killer performance by the rock band captured in wild angles on lo-fi cameras, while feverish forces tie the band down, levitating the delirious lead singer up and then crash-land him back to the ground, as the frenzy-inducing refrain takes hold. And it all gets bloodier and increasingly unhinged from there... 


DirectorBenjamin Smallwood
ProducerBenjamin Smallwood
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Smallwood
GafferTom Holborn
WardrobeJuliet Blount
EditorBenjamin Smallwood
LabelRat Trap

Cat Velez - 26th Sept 2016

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