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Microwave 'Vomit' by Kyle Thrash

David Knight - 9th Sept 2016

Kyle Thrash went down to Georgia and spent ten days there, shooting the people he met, and the band. This is the result, and it's well worth a few minutes of your time. Then you can head down to Paddy Power's to stick a bet on Trump. 

David Knight - 9th Sept 2016

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Kyle Thrash
Ian Ross


Director of Photography
Ben Carey


Samuel Gursky

Other credits

Special thanks

Side One Dummy Records, Jamie Coletta, Billy Linker, Tyler Rainey, @Its_black, Mike Koziel, Nick D'Andira, Brittany Redding, Rick Brady, Rachel Doman, Johnny Sexton, Dillin Olshonsky, Friday Chamberlain, Chili Chad, Montasia Mountain, Daniel Kahn Nelson, Chris Higgins, Eric Dees, Marvin, Cady Walls, Thiree Pinnock, Candice, Mike Wentworth, Wheat Street Church & Pastor Ralph, and everyone else that shared their story with us.

David Knight - 9th Sept 2016

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