Cat Velez - 7th Sept 2016

Lo Xu-Ming Tong offers up a glimpse into the life of a group of friends who find themselves on the cusp of young adulthood, for Montréal-based electronic artist CRi's track Tell Her. 

It's a tumultuous sequence, presenting us to each member of the group through portraits of the defiant young boys, situating them in their most familiar spaces. Then, we follow them as they playfight with lighters, act like tough guys, drink by the train tracks and channel all their pent up anger by destroying old cars at a junkyard. 

The director explains: "The idea was to portray kids that ended up more or less raising themselves, to capture the kind of environment where you grow as a human being primarily by the breath of your closest social entourage."


DirectorLo Xu-Ming Tong
Director of PhotographyMénad Kesraoui
Focus PullerAmelia Moses
EditorLo Xu-Ming Tong
ColouristAlexandre Do
VFXJulien Demers-Arsenault
LabelYoung Art
Other creditsCast: Jesse Ponczok, Dave St-jean, Lloyd King, Jawad Yacoubi, Joseph Schachter, Kevin Ponczok

Cat Velez - 7th Sept 2016

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