Luke Bather - 2nd Sept 2016

Die Antwoord stay true to their insane aesthetic in the video for Banana Brain. 

Like a cross between Harmony Korine and Roger Ballen (both of whom the band have previously worked with) Ninja and Terence Neale's video tells your standard 'girl kills her parents so she can party all night' narrative, in a bizarre black-light, Zef culture style that only Die Antwoord could pull off convincingly.

Guns, drugs, flashes of an inhuman phallus, and a sickly colour palette to boot - making complete sense of this video isn't a prerequisite for enjoying the hell out of it.


DirectorTerence Neale
ProducerJulia Schnurr
Director of PhotographySebastian Wintero
EditorSaki Fokken Bergh
1st ADWendy Alport
Director's Rep (UK)Martin Roker at Black Dog Films

Luke Bather - 2nd Sept 2016

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