David Knight - 26th Aug 2016

Ciaran Lyons has achieved something distinctive with his video, somewhere between photography and illustration, for Scottish artist The Pictish Trail. That's because of the painstaking amount of work he put into it.

"It's about the porous connection between our life and and non-life, explored via the medium of a slightly cheesy pop music video," says Lyons. In fact, Johnny Lynch aka The Pictish Trail makes an endearing hero who undergoes a splitting of his personality when his reflection develops a life of his own. Both characters acquire an aura around them, which gives the video that distinctive look.

This was achieved frame by frame, by hand. The video was created from tonnes of still photographs. "Each of the video's approximately 11000 masks was individually hand drawn," explains Lyons. Very nice job.

PRO Credits


DirectorCiaran Lyons
Production CompanyForest Of Black

David Knight - 26th Aug 2016

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