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Petite Meller 'The Flute' by Asaf T Mann & Napoleon Habeica

David Knight - 26th Aug 2016

Having explored Africa, so to speak, with Baby Love and Milk Bath, Petite Meller now heads for somewhere really remote. And it turns out that the girl with the rouged cheeks and vintage swimwear (and lots more interesting clothing besides) fits in pretty well in Outer Mongolia. 

The video for The Flute is the latest and probably final chapter in a series that has been helmed thoughout by Asaf T Mann, and (in most cases) fashion photographer Napoleon Habeica, and whether or not you consider Meller's Lolita-like personal style strange, or even controversial, this has been a remarkable project - where fashion meets anthropology meets comedy. 

In this one - which took a a week to shoot in northern Mongolia – Petite "finds her Source". Among other things that involves her having some bizarre and funny exchanges with a trio of Mongolian horsemen. It's a fitting end-point, if that's what it is.


"All Petite's videos so far have been her search all over the globe for her Source, its been an adventure, a mission - she was carried by the heart and soul of her music to the magic of New York, she has skied thru the waters of her childhood vacance, she has kissed giraffes and driven beats that have given her base in Africa, and she has met dear dear friends, young and old (very old), who dance to her music in amazing lands..

"As the finale video of Petite's debut album, in "The Flute", we had Petite finally find her Source. Never giving up on her search for music, Petite travels the faraway land of Mongolia, following the sound of a Flute.
Petite, a banished nomad-like figure, rides with reindeers, meets a band of friendly wrestlers, and finally comes upon her source, a little girl fluting away on top of a hill, naturally bearing Petite's pink blushed cheeks. The blush for Petite, both an artistic identity and a memory of a childhood trauma. Taking Petite's hands the girl leads Petite to meet her pink blushed People. A giant celebration takes place, dancing in spirals extending the sounds of music to the world.

"The shoot took place in the Northern tip of Mongolia, close to Siberia.
Petite's choice of location was based on her connection to a photo of a young Mongolian girl with her wind-burned blushed cheeks. Our international crew made its way in order to meet Reindeers, wild open landscapes, and beautiful Mongolian faces over a week long shoot.
Between drinking the local alcohol made of horse's milk and herding 50 wild Yaks that naturally ran into frame, we shot the video inspired from "The Rite of Spring", the outrageous 1913 Russian Ballet of Stravinsky and Nijinsky, " Manon des Sources" (1986), and "The Sound of Music" (1965).

"The productions for Petite over the last two years have been an amazing journey for all concerned, a team of wild geniuses battling, dancing, laughing, crying, and endlessly shooting frames - bringing dreams into realities. It's been a postcard like period, probably to be remembered for life."

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David Knight - 26th Aug 2016


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Asaf T. Mann
Napoleon Habeica
Jonny Kight
Production Company
1st AD
Will Jasper


Director of Photography
Kevin Hayden


Nao Koyabu
Adam Livermore


Hagar Ophir


Ornit Levy


Tal Baltuch


Director's Representation


Island Records

Other credits

Production Mongolia

Steppe Fixers Mongolia / Khasar Sandag, Chinzorig Chuluunbaatar.

David Knight - 26th Aug 2016

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