Luke Bather - 12th Aug 2016

Zaiba Jabbar helps MUNA break into a building and reclaim it in this powerful, cool clip.

Armed with bolt cutters and an adorable dog, MUNA break into an abandoned building to turn into a creative HQ for themselves and their closest friends and inspirations. A great-looking video packed full of bold green and rich orange hues all enhancing the powerful message of creative women reclaiming a space.


"I was surprised to hear the track is about different forms of abuse as the track has such a joyful sound. Once I got to know the band it was evident what a strong willed and determined badass group of women they are. Amongst many things they are one of the few self produced bands signed to a major label. I wanted to do the band justice and embrace imagery in a dynamic way that sees the girls empowered and claiming a space as their own without subjugation.

"Being a LOUDSPEAKER is about using one’s voice to recover from those different forms of abuse. It was important for the girls to cast a group of their friends they find inspiring surrounding themselves with a community of people they can be open with without shame. Those that have all found their own voices and form of self expression in spite of a multitude of silencing forces. Finding their expression though being poets, photographers, writers, designers and creatives that in-turn inspire the band to be what they are today."

Statement from the artist:

"This video was a very collaborative process between us and the director, Zaiba Jabbar. We wanted to portray ourselves and our friends as empowered anti-heroines who reclaim a space to explore and be free. As one of the few self-produced girl bands signed to a major, we have learned to be as self assured as we are self-sufficient—and we’ve learned to thrive on that. Breaking into a building and claiming it as our own is kind of a metaphor for that experience. Though the song deals with using one's voice to recover from different forms of abuse, we were interested in filling this video with triumphant imagery rather than imagery of subjugation.

"It was also important for us to include people in the video who have found their own mediums for self-expression in spite of a multiplicity of silencing forces. Anaka, Pierre, Phoenix, Jasmine, Arin, Sarah, and Ashlen are writers, photographers, designers, poets, musicians, and general creatives that inspire us and our music, so it felt right to pay homage to that in the video. Having a community filled with people we can be open with without shame has allowed us to grow into the band we are today."

PRO Credits


DirectorZaiba Jabbar
ProducerJudy Craig
Director of PhotographyJon Chema
Post ProducerHannah Bellil
1st ACJames Teninty
2nd ACTorin Bradshaw
SteadicamDrew Weaver
GafferCole Pisano
Key GripDerek Deems
Hair & Make-upAmber Dreadon
StylistGina Correll
Art DepartmentDogpile Inc.
2nd ADSam Lasko
EditorKyle Whitmore
EditorCharlie Moreton
Grading companyCoffee & TV
ColouristDan @ Coffee & TV
Other creditsExecutive Post Producer: Juliette Larthe at PRETTYBIRD Starring: Sula Bermudez, Pierre Davis, Arin Hayes, Phoenix Hill-Richmond, Anaka Morris, Jasmine Nyende, Ashlen Sepulveda, Sarah Winters Special thanks: Tabitha Denholm, Lisa Ziven

Luke Bather - 12th Aug 2016

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