Luke Bather - 10th Aug 2016

Young director Yousef delivers a cyclical and constantly moving head-spinner of a video for JP Cooper.

Using a constantly rotating camera and a heap of VFX work, we're treated to a performance from multiple versions of JP and Avelino living out different stories in the same locations day in, day out. The edit really stands out here and gives certain audio cues a great visual flourish. Plus, it's really quite nice to see some Manchester locations that rarely pop up in videos shot in the city.

It might take your eyes a few seconds to adjust to this one, but it's worth sticking with just to see what Yousef has accomplished here in terms of VFX.


Production ManagerHazel Stott
Director of PhotographyJoe Mcdonald
GafferLiberty Shaw
CommissionerCharlotte Birch
LabelIsland Records
Other creditsMotion Control Technician: Adam Gilroy Special Thanks: Night & Day Café

Luke Bather - 10th Aug 2016

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