Luke Bather - 2nd Aug 2016

Noted fashion photographer Steven Klein directs this conceptual clip in which Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Sia, Vic Mensa and an array of models find it emotionally taxing to be in a Kanye West video. Tears pour down everyone's gorgeous, symmetrical faces. Expensive clothes designed by luxury brand Balmain are worn by expensive people and you are made aware of that.

The chiaroscuro lighting gives the black and white clip a real visual punch. High contrast shadow swallowing up as much as it can get away with. Kim displays a gamut of emotion from A to.... A.   

The main celeb footage intercuts with slightly more lo-fi looking B&W shots and paparazzi add an extra element of DIY voyeurism to an otherwise glossy fashion promo. That's certainly an interesting contrast - and sometimes all you can really say about something that Yeezy is involved with is that it's interesting. 


DirectorSteven Klein
Creative DirectorOlivier Rousteing
ConceptPascal Dangin
EditorChrissy Rabe
EditorDustin Robertson
HairJulien d'Ys
ManicuristGina Edwards
Director of PhotographyAlex Lockett
Lighting DirectorJohn Torres
1st ADJonathon Mintz
1st ACBill Whitman
2nd ACJosh Reubenstein

Luke Bather - 2nd Aug 2016

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