Luke Bather - 27th July 2016

15 years ago Radiohead released Pyramid Song in support of the album Amnesiac, and with it, a typically melancholic video created by Shynola, that depicted a figure searching for his old home, in a world destroyed by apocalyptic flooding.

Now, animator André Matos has taken now-defunct British band Wolf Gang's 2011 cover of the same song and created a sequel to Shynola's video. It picks up the narrative back above the water, where traces of the original video's protagonist can still be found. A new character arrives in a boat, and begins the search for their lost companion. We follow them as they follow the line from an oxygen tank that's been pointing the way for fifteen years, through a gorgeous maze of underwater urban decay.

The CGI visuals are beautifully cinematic and Matos manages to take the narrative reins in a uniquely sad direction himself. It's a fine, if entirely unexpected companion piece to Shynola's brilliant original. And at least now we know the fate of the diver from all those years ago.


DirectorAndré Matos
AnimationAndré Matos

Luke Bather - 27th July 2016

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