David Knight - 22nd June 2016

Ariana takes a drive around London at night in her video for Dirty Dancing, in which Gregg Houston (aka Babysweet) transferred the footage he shot from digital to film in order to create that unmistakeable film look, and also physically manipulate the images by scratching into the emulsion.  The result is a subtle but distinctive visual effect.   


"For this video I wanted to experiment with scratching on film but didn't have the budget to shoot on film itself. We ended up shooting the video digitally and then I edited and graded it. The next stage was to get it transferred onto 35mm film.

"We got two prints made. One we got transferred back to digital straight away and set about scratching over the other. Once we scratched into it we got it transferred digitally and then I was able to edit between the scratched film and non scratched film prints."

PRO Credits


ProducerDan Matthews
Production CompanyBabysweet
Director of PhotographyMatt Rozier
Art DirectorJohnny Blue Eyes
WardrobeJohnny Blue Eyes
HairHolly Silius
Make-upHolly Silius
EditorGregg Houston
Editing companyBabysweet
Post production companyIdaillies
Post ProducerBabysweet
Other creditsScratch artist: Annelise Keestra Titles: Patrick Conn

David Knight - 22nd June 2016

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