Luke Bather - 20th June 2016

Framekit Studio (aka Paulynka Hricovini & Anthony Sarrus) take us on a substance-fuelled animated trip for French band Toybloïd. This colourful stoner/slacker adventure takes place (as all good stoner/slacker adventures do) in a convenience store in the middle of nowhere.

Our three heroes ride in on skateboards before raiding the place for snacks. A seemingly agitated clerk takes it upon himself to one-up their snacking spree by offering them a bottle of something kept below the counter. This party elixir takes our heroes deep into a rock n' roll performance fantasy - the animation and artwork on display here is fluid and gorgeous.

It's a real treat, whether you're under the influence or not.


DirectorPaulynka Hricovini
DirectorAnthony Sarrus
Production CompanyFramekit Studio
ProducerLes Films de Morphée
Animation AssistantJeanne Boukra

Luke Bather - 20th June 2016

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