David Knight - 16th June 2016

Director Olivier Groulx pushes Wild Beasts into a new, gritty and sexier direction with the video for Get My Bang video. Shot at night on the streets of Budapest, we’re treated to a slick outdoor performance intercut with some choreographed bravado between frontman Hayden Thorpe and his female co-star.

Groulx employs his usual skill with lighting and colour to enhance these scenes: reds cut into greens and we slice between orange street lights and deep, artificial blues. It’s a part-seduction, part-fight between Thorpe and his lady friend, and features some great scenes involving a car filled with smoke and pink lasers. Because, honestly, why not?


DirectorOlivier Groulx
ProducerSonya Sier
Production ManagerAmanda Tuckwell
Director of PhotographySy Turnbull
ChoreographerMilica Cerovic
ColouristGeorge K
Grading companyMPC
Other creditsGaffer: Nikola Ristic Grip: Dobrosav Milenkovic Stedicam: Milos Savkovic Makup: Natasa Krstic Hair: Milica Jevtic Costume: Jelena Djordjevic Production Designer: Dragan Kaplarevic Focus puller: Nikola Jovanovic Dancer / female: Jelena Bogdanovic Dancer / male: Andjelko Pavlovic

David Knight - 16th June 2016

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