David Knight - 15th June 2016

Al Kennington and Dara O'Neill's video for Mano Le Tough connects the Irish DJ producer as he runs through a forest with other individuals going through their daily lives, by a distinctive lighting device. 

A bank of rotating Movi lights represents the energy flow that goes from Mano to workman, laundry lady, checkout girl, and gameplaying kid, as he continues to run.    

"As he gets into his rhythm he begins to enter into his energy flow," says O'Neill. "The energy ignites around him and connects with others also feeling the flow. We are all connected when we enter the energy flow, when we're holding on and letting go."


DirectorAl Kennington
DirectorDara O'Neill
Production CompanyAntidote
ProducerTess Bunworth
1st ADSteven Sheehy
Director of PhotographyEoin McLoughlin
Focus PullerMike Gilbert
EditorDara O'Neill
EditorAl Kennington
ColouristDara O'Neill
Grading companyGary Curran
LabelPermanent Vacation
Other creditsDirector’s Consultant: Evin O’Neill Camera Assist: Aidan Gault Movi Operator: Albert Hooi Lights: Gav O’hUanachain Editor's Consultant: Mike Donnelly V Drone Operator: Jamie Malone

David Knight - 15th June 2016

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