Luke Bather - 8th June 2016

Sometimes you just have to balance the scales, and with Skunk Anansie's Without You, with it's less than cheery subject matter, you can balance that out with sheer ridiculousness. That's clearly the thought process of Remy Lamont, as he takes the cartoonish accidents and injuries of classic animation and brings them into the real world.

Mixing performance with these caricatured vignttes, Remy manages to walk the line between serious and silly very well. The real-world realisations of mishaps from the golden age of cartoon violence - like hoisting up a safe only to drop it on yourself - look great here. And properly painful. 


"A lot of our influences for the suicides came from old Roadrunner cartoons. We found if you muted the original soundtrack and played a melancholic song over the top, the violence and comedy took a new direction. You really started to empathize with Wile E. Coyote.

"We wanted to do this with our characters, create something dark and funny that didn't upstage the drama of the song." 


DirectorRemy Lamont
ProducerAlex Mead
Production CompanyLamont Studios
Director of PhotographyJames Miller
Make-upLottie Day
Art DepartmentLara Tarroni
Art DepartmentJoe Hardy
CommissionerChloe Page

Luke Bather - 8th June 2016

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