Luke Bather - 2nd June 2016

Swim Deep and The Marshall Darlings get inspirational in this very tongue-in-cheek clip. Adorned all in white robes, the band are seemingly an inspirational sect charged with the task of bringing out the best in the kids of this free-thinking, radical school.

It's all very silly and has a bit of a run-and-gun, improvised feel to it. As if these enigmatic teachers really did take over a school unannounced and just happened to bring a camera crew along with them. That closing reaction shot that comes just after singer and star of the video Austin Williams reads the note left on his immaculate white Mercedes is actually priceless. Somebody give that man an Oscar.


DirectorThe Marshall Darlings
ProducerDan Kendall
Production CompanyMarshall Darling Productions
Director of PhotographyColin Greenhall
WardrobeLucy Upton-Prowse
EditorJack Kendall
LabelRCA Records

Luke Bather - 2nd June 2016

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