Luke Bather - 24th May 2016

Jan Komasa directs a slow-burning, composed and artful video for his sister's latest single.

The video follows model Anja Rubik as she floats ghost-like down a catwalk before being stopped in her tracks by a figure (Mary Komasa herself) nestled amongst the cacophony of cameras. Obscured from view at first, Komasa seems to have Rubik in a trance - the two of them mirroring one another and edging ever closer. 

Both stars of the video spend the majority of the hypnotic scene in the nude, but it feels less erotic and more as though both characters are shedding their outer selves and embracing something much more real and vulnerable - the black and white contrasting the differences here between both the characters and the audience surrounding them. 

A smart, gorgeous visual meditation that unfolds into a near-explosive crescendo both sonically and visually.


DirectorJan Komasa
ProducerOCR Creations
ProducerW P Onak
ProducerLeszek Onak
Director of PhotographyPIotr Sobociński jr.
Director of PhotographyRadosław Ładczuk
EditorBartosz Pietras
EditorJan Jagielsk
1st ADJakub Tarnowski
LightingBogdan Modzelewski
Costume SupervisorZofia Urszula Komasa
Hair & Make-upAnna Słowińska
Other creditsAnja Rubik Hair: Gor Duryan/D’vision Anja Rubik Make Up: Georgi Sandev Mary Komasa Hair: Konrad Kłos Mary Komasa Make up: Georgi Sandev

Luke Bather - 24th May 2016

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