Luke Bather - 17th May 2016

The World of Our Love also happens to be a hyper-colourful animated utopia celebrating all things Australian.

Mike Greaney and Aaron McDonald have crafted a brilliant short clip that both manages to seem pulpishly modern whilst also feeling a little bit like an animated PSA film from the 80s.

This is a fun video laced with Aussie symbolism and reference from the silly and obvious to the downright obscure. Fosters, Koalas, time literally melting away on a Barbecue - it's all here. My personal favourite was probably the 'Struth' brand blender, but it all moves so fast that you'll probably miss about 90% of it on first watch.


DirectorMike Greaney
DirectorAaron McDonald
ProducerMike Greaney
ProducerDarcy Prendergast
Art DirectorJarrod Prince
AnimatorLeah Clementson
AnimatorJames Neilson
AnimatorAndrew Bowler
AnimatorAaron McDonald
AnimatorMike Greaney
AnimatorBrigette Liberto
Art Department AssistantJoel Williams
Production CompanyOh Yeah Wow

Luke Bather - 17th May 2016

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