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Press To MECO 'Autopsy' by Inari Sirola

David Knight - 16th May 2016

Finnish animator Inari Sirola has developed a Pop Art look for a serious subject, in her video for Press to MECO.

It's a Photoshop and After Effects-fired animation that explores the heartfelt themes of the song through superficially slick imagery: a surreal hospital deathbed scene with a candy-coating. And suggestions of inner body workings, and jutting bones, correspond with the songtitle Autopsy.


"The song ultimately is a dialogue between a person who knows he is dying and person who's visiting him to say goodbye. Possibly a relative who isn't close anymore, but is obligated to be there. The dying person's point of view is very bitter. Bitter of the realisation that nothing mattered in the end, and this is where we have come to.

"When creating the look and atmosphere of the video, I chose the colour palette to be strong and monotonic in the scenes. The video is a dialogue between the colours, representing the dialogue of those two characters. Travelling through out the body, we only are not travelling through the dialogue but also the dying person memories and emotions. Everything is slimy and disturbing - bitter and dark.

"With my work I wanted to create something strong, absurd and therefore intriguing. This way the almost photo-realistic illustrations became the key of the style."

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David Knight - 16th May 2016


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Inari Sirola


Graham Filmer / Youthquake

David Knight - 16th May 2016

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