David Knight - 3rd May 2016

This visually inventive video by Italian director Raoul Paulet uses gifs and multiple screens to tell the story of a love affair from an entirely non-objective viewpoint. And it successfully delivers the effect of a relationship being recalled from memory, with all the flaws, and flights of imaginative fancy that can bring. 

“I felt it was the right time to push the cinematic storytelling a bit further, and jump on more complex story structures, where multiple storylines cross each other simultaneously throughout the whole film," says Paulet. "Although the video suggests a flow of events, I love the idea of putting on the table a certain amount of ingredients and then leave to the audience the room for imagining their own narrative.”


DirectorRaoul Paulet
ProducerLinda Vianello
Production CompanyO'groove
Executive ProducerPierpaolo Verga
1st ADGiuseppe Eusepi
Director of PhotographySimone Moglié
2nd ACGabriele Remotti
Art DirectorRaoul Paulet
WardrobeValentina Mezzani
Hair & Make-upSara Lombardi
Set designMarco Cardilli
EditorRaoul Paulet
Lead actorArnaldo Santoro aka AinÉ, Giulia Dellarolle
LabelTotally Imported
AnimationAnton Bohlin

David Knight - 3rd May 2016

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