David Knight - 13th Apr 2016

Yes, that Steven Soderbergh. This is apparently Soderbergh's first ever music video, and it's for the little-known indie-rock duo DTCV (that's Lola G and James Meek, the latter formerly of lo-fi gods Guided By Voices).

The songtitle, Historie Seule, is a riff on Godard's Histoire(s) du Cinema, and with Lola G's lyrics focussing on how women tend to get erased from history, Soderbergh offers a fairly Godardian take on the song - a splitscreen juxtaposes seemingly random snapshots of modern life with a vintage TV film apparently presenting the boyhood of an important American historical figure.

So perhaps not one for fans of the Oceans 11 franchise. But refreshing to see this major director recognising the potential in the medium for experimentation.


DirectorSteven Soderbergh
LabelXemu Records

David Knight - 13th Apr 2016

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