Cat Velez - 11th Apr 2016

Shot on the backstreets of Hackney and Islington, John Jeanes' melancholic narrative video for British singer-songwriter Ben Watt's song Gradually explores the relationship between a sex worker and the artist who pays to paint her. 

Captured in doleful black and white, we follow the model across a few days through dark, lonely streets as she walks to and from the painter's flat to pose for him. And after a night were she sleeps over, it is understood that - after he still insists on paying her the morning after - that the feelings she has slowly developed for him are painfully unreciprocated... 


DirectorJohn Jeanes
Director of PhotographyDaniel Besley
LabelUnmade Road
Other creditsCast: Luiza Ludiasa, William Turner Roden

Cat Velez - 11th Apr 2016

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