Cat Velez - 8th Apr 2016

Siberian singer Polyna makes a striking impression in the video for TIGER, as a vulnerable waif incarcerated in a fearsome place, but nonetheless capable of a giving a powerful pop performance – and looking amazing. 

Directed by Ekaterina Belinskaya, and shot at the location of Archstoyanie - a Russian arts festival that's been likened to Burning Man - this combines grittiness with a slick pop aesthetic, with the choreography and styling by the artist herself. 

Polyna, whose previous video for Angel was directed by Dawn Shadforth, says: "This video is very personal - after being through some tough times I felt like I was stuck in a cage... Through this video I wanted to release myself from my fears and become truly free.

"We made it in a very unique place called Archstoyanie. The whole environment you see in the video is real - no graphic used at all! The whole process was so fun and crazy, a 20-hour non-stop shoot and a team of like-minded people. Really, what can be better?"


DirectorEkaterina Belinskaya
Post production companyDragon's Egg
LightingOleg Strashkin
HairAlexey Yaroslavtsev
Make-upYana Novikova
Other creditsClothes: YVY, WILHJA, Agnieszka Osipa, VOID SHOES Accessories: Magia Di Gamma, Alina Muha

Cat Velez - 8th Apr 2016

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