David Knight - 7th Mar 2016

Over five days of relentless shooting, Patrick Mason discovered that Don't Chase Felix frontman Justin Khoury is a lot better at squatting on a skateboard than tossing pancakes. And he also fulfilled a long-held ambition in creating this entertaining stop-motion/live action video for the song Holiday. 



"Sometimes you just gotta do a live action stop motion music video. It will take over your life, but you just gotta do it.

"I had never met Justin (the creative brains behind Don't Chase Felix) until we made this video. He crashed on my couch for five days while we wandered around my small home town taking hundreds of thousands of pictures.

"Not too many people would have been down for that sort of madness, maybe for good reason. But I learned one thing, that man can hold a squat on a skateboard like nobody's business. He's not as good at throwing pancakes but, after all, who is?"


DirectorPatrick Mason
AnimatorJacob Hurst
EditorPatrick Mason
Other creditsCAST: Justin Khoury, Caroline Mauck

David Knight - 7th Mar 2016

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