Luke Bather - 1st Mar 2016

It's a big week for interactive videos, and this one involves you (yes, you)! Santigold's Can't Get Enough Of Myself video, directed by Sam Fleischer, really plays on the vanity themes of the song by using your webcam to slap your gorgeous face all over this video.

Try to remember though, you're not the only thing that's happening in this video. So do keep a look out for things other than you!

Use the link below to watch on Google Chrome.

Watch 'Santigold 'Can't Get Enough of Myself' by Sam Fleischer' here


DirectorSam Fleischer
ProducerYung Jake
ProducerVince McKelvie
ProducerBryan Yee
CommissionerAlex Bittan

Luke Bather - 1st Mar 2016

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