David Knight - 29th Feb 2016

For a song that's a coming-of-age story as told from the perspective of a young person entering adulthood, Cyrus Mirzashafa, in his first project as creative director at EPiK Music Videos, has created a warmly nostalgic video.

As the singer reflects on moments from the past that have shaped his life, black and white footage of Mirzashafa's cast of children playing on a dark night has the feel of late 50s/early 60s cinema, then treated further by drawing over lots of the frames.


"When I was a kid we would gallivant about the streets being mischievous and playful. Having fun just hanging out with mates, sometimes doing silly things like throwing eggs at houses or cars and stealing from the corner shops when no one was looking.

"I wanted to capture that same child-like tone and make an enjoyable music video, without encouraging children to steal or break the law of course. And so, after a hard thought evening/night of filming in Burgess Hill, where the rain wouldn't let up and the shot-list became redundant (we have all been there), I decided to scrap the initial concept which evolved around our lead actor Oscar finding four alternative versions of himself whilst wondering the streets encountering the wrath of his not so pleasant neighbours. Instead, I stripped back the narrative and focused on the playful tone and charm of the kids.

"Then all I had to do was scribble over 4,500 images and photograph them to create a distorted, washed out texture. However, the final outcome was a little disorientating and so, we decided to strip back the use of regurgitated imagery to a minimum so it complemented the edit rather than distracting from it."

Watch 'The Early Comebacks 'No Reason' by Cyrus Mirzashafa' here

PRO Credits


DirectorCyrus Mirzashafa
ProducerTai Campbell
Executive ProducerAndy Woodruff
1st ADJosh Dymond
EditorCyrus Mirzashafa
ColouristTai Campbell
CommissionerKevin Ty

David Knight - 29th Feb 2016

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