Luke Bather - 29th Feb 2016

Emil Nava breaks free from the constraints of a rigid plan and goes rogue in this no-budget run-and-gun video for BURNS. Emil shot this one himself - the first time he's been his own DoP on a promo – and taking a simple, striking aesthetic (pink suit, gold mask, mannequins et al) and an 'anything goes' attitude to the streets of downtown Los Angeles certainly pays off.


"We shot this in one night in downtown Los Angeles with literally no budget. It was so much fun to be so free and be allowed to just go for it. It was the first time I have shot anything myself and I used a very old camera to give it a mad look.

"Burns (the artist) and I went and found the pink suit and the mannequins in the Mexican side of the fashion district and it truly was the most run and gun thing I have ever done. There were just five of us on the crew and I probably nearly died a few times hanging out of my car and standing in the convertible trying to get mad shots.

"Everyone involved did it for the love and I’m thankful to all of them. Big thanks to Maryann Tanedo, Lanette Phillips, Cristina Squyres, Jes Lopez, Mario Mares and Burns for making this so much fun."


DirectorEmil Nava
ProducerMaryann Tanedo
Production CompanyLondon Alley (us)
Production CompanyTwo Bridges
Executive ProducerLanette Phillips
Director of PhotographyEmil Nava
EditorMario Mares
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Cristina Squyres And Jes Lopez

Luke Bather - 29th Feb 2016

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