Cat Velez - 8th Feb 2016

Showcasing some fantastic animation talents, the video for Zedd's Paper Cut remixed by LA producer grey loosely follows a boy-meets-girl narrative set in LA with plenty of racy Hollywood moments in between. 

Shoreditch-based production company Golden Wolf helmed the project, teaming up with a group of their favourite artists and animators to create an eclectic, contemporary video using a distinctly hand-drawn, traditional approach.


DirectorGolden Wolf
ProducerAnt Baena
Production CompanyGolden Wolf
Executive ProducerIngi Erlingsson
Art DirectorEwen Stenhouse
CommissionerDave Rene, Tim Smith
Other creditsStoryboards and Layouts: Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert, Johan Rivet, Marilou Mao, Arthus Pilorget Animation: Maxime Delalande, Pedro Vergani, Tim Whiting, Mattias Breitholtz, Marilou Mao, Sabine Pedersen, David Bell, Pierre Rutz, Xavier Sailliol. Collaborators: Manson, Tom Bunker, Robert Valley, Vida Vega, Henrique Barone, Benjy Brooke, Shishi Yamazaki, Simon Leclerc, Alex Grigg, Camilo Huinca.

Cat Velez - 8th Feb 2016

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