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El Guincho ft. Mala Rodriguez 'Comix' by CANADA

El Guincho ft. Mala Rodriguez 'Comix' by CANADA

Cat Velez - 27th Jan 2016

Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa aka El Guincho has returned after five years, and he's back to collaborating with irrepressible Barcelona collective CANADA. 

Their previous collaboration for Bombay was a landmark in establishing CANADA's distinctive sexy-retro-surreal vignette style to an audience beyond Spain. This time around, the video for Comix shows the same range of imaginative and witty visuals - just bigger, bolder, and edgier. It's a delightful hodgepodge of visuals born out of hip-hop imagery, with El Guincho and his crew driving round in a graffiti-scratched car as well as getting into a bizarre clothing fight. And that's just scratching the surface....

Just goes to show how much CANADA - the name of the directing duo comprised of Nicolas Mendez and Lope Serrano, and also the production company led by executive producer Oscar Romagosa - has developed and matured in the past five years, while still maintaining their signature element of variety and surprise. And the collective not only directed the video but also put out the new El Guincho album, HiperAsia. Yes, they really are that cool. 

Watch 'El Guincho ft. Mala Rodriguez 'Comix' by CANADA' here

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Cat Velez - 27th Jan 2016

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Diana C. Milesi
Head Of Production
Alba Barneda
Production Company
Executive Producer
Oscar Romagosa
Production Manager
Mónica Blas


Director of Photography
Marc Gómez del Moral


Art Director
Laia Ateca


Lead actor


Post production company
Sim Sala Bim
Post Producer
Álvaro P. Posadas

Cat Velez - 27th Jan 2016

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