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Inspired & The Sleep 'Die Slow' by Robert Crispe

Cat Velez - 21st Jan 2016

San Diego dream-pop band Inspired & the Sleep have released this sensitively crafted stop motion animated video for their track Die Slow from their recently released EP, Eyelid Kid.

It was created by Australian director Robert Crispe, a filmmaker and artist who makes experimental moving image with surreal elements. The production of the video was a year-long process starting in London and ending in Sydney, and was made using over 3,700 frames and no post work. The result was well worth the struggle however, taking the viewer into a mesmerising yet cruel underwater world where survival is left for the fittest. 

Cat Velez - 21st Jan 2016


  • Animation
  • Stop-motion

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Robert Crispe

Cat Velez - 21st Jan 2016

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