David Knight - 13th Jan 2016

Paris-based Serbian director Aćim Vasić shows you only need simple ingredients to make a song about cocaine delusion into a very witty video - a good performance, and drumsticks.

Like his video for Parov Stelar a couple of years back, Vasić employs unfussy visual effects in clever ways, and shows they still work best on tracks like this one – from his sister and brother-in-law's band Eighth Air – that sound like they were made in the 1980s.

And it really works if you include drumsticks. 


DirectorAćim Vasić
WardrobeLena Kuzmanović
Hair & Make-upLena Kuzmanović
EditorAćim Vasić
Lead actorMarko Kuzmanović
Lead actorLena Kuzmanović
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Merlyn, Benny, Emilee, Khaled, Midžula, Mateja, Gale, Lidija, Tija, Vaske & Ljilja.

David Knight - 13th Jan 2016

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