Cat Velez - 12th Jan 2016

Animal Collective's playful single FloriDada – the first from their upcoming album Painting With – is paired with some spasmic, vibrant & sexy psychedelia, which is the work of Brooklyn-based production company and art collective PFFR. 

In it, the state of Florida dances around in all its phallic-shaped glory, while two gleaming neon figures, a male and female, get up to all sorts of Karma Sutra-style acrobatics in a bed surrounded by levatating candles.

Then, bizarrely enough, both make and female become pregnant, issuing equally marbled-neon babies, culminating in a free-for-all of kaleidescoped images and flashing colour. Good thing they didn't forget that photosensitive epilepsy warning!


EditorJon Philpot
AnimatorCaleb Wood

Cat Velez - 12th Jan 2016

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