Cat Velez - 5th Jan 2016

Prolific VHS enthusiasts Youth Hymns have another lo-fi classic to their name -  a properly scurrilous parody of the Star Wars universe, featuring the snake venom-injecting [Steve] Van Ludwin dressed as skimpily-dressed Princess Leia, engaged in plenty of simulated sex with other characters, accompanied by stormtroopers flashing their breasts in the background. 

"Steve got bitten by one of his copperhead vipers the night before the shoot," say Youth Hymns. "His hand swelled to twice the size. Somehow he didn't die and together we created this sexy ode to Star Wars. Between us, we've only seen two and a half Star Wars movies so we can only assume this is what happened in the rest of the films."

Somehow we think that Disney might have something to say about that. Can't help but be impressed with the Millennium Falcon guitar though... 

PRO Credits


DirectorYouth Hymns
Director of PhotographyYouth Hymns
EditorYouth Hymns
Lead actorSvala Leaman, Sheena Allykhan, Eva Lux
Other creditsGuitar: Doni's Custom Guitars Extra Prop Supplier: Paul Savin

Cat Velez - 5th Jan 2016

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