Cat Velez - 17th Dec 2015

Here's an eery, visually arresting video for Elliot Moss’ new single Pattern Repeating directed by Daniel Howlid, who is a member of the Scandinavian-based visual artist collective HochR. A series of scenes reveal the home life of a green, faceless family of mannequins, leading a stylish but unsettlingly empty existence. 

With the very Lynchian location of a 70s-style modern home, the undercurrent to certain scenes is heightened by the unnervingly slow camera movement, as the family go through the motions of their meaningless life.

“It tells the story of stark, latent family dynamics, where impotence, acceptance and hopelessness surface through the repetitiveness in our lives”, elaborates Howlid.


DirectorDaniel Howlid
Production CompanyHochR
Production ManagerMaren Teresie Garmann Launes
EditorMiron Kundzicz
1st ACJon Vu-Yen Nguyen
GafferRoar Midtlien
1st ADRenée Reif
2nd ADBjørnar Grønhaug
ColouristElliot Moss
Production designerHailey Reynolds

Cat Velez - 17th Dec 2015

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