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Peaches 'Rub' (Uncensored) by Peaches, A.L. Steiner and Lex Vaughan

David Knight - 7th Dec 2015

Peaches was never one to shy away from controversy or full sexual frankness. And now she's outdone herself. She's made the most explicit video of the year. Or possibly ever.

It's fair to say that lots of people who consider themselves worldly-wise will see something new in this video, which Peaches directed herself with A. L. Steiner and Lex Vaughan. And if you feel that large naked women, intersexual sex, and golden showers are not really your thing, then 'Rub (Uncensored)' may not be for you. 

On the other hand, with a purpose to celebrate the further reaches of female sexuality, and the diversity of female body shapes, and the fact its both pretty funny and Peaches and her buddies appear to be having a blast, there's something vaguely heroic about this video.

And as the censored version of 'Rub' is presumably a black screen, you may as well watch this at least once.

David Knight - 7th Dec 2015


  • Mature - NSFW

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A.L. Steiner
Lex Vaughan
Briana Gonzales


Director of Photography
Moira Morel

David Knight - 7th Dec 2015

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