Cat Velez - 25th Nov 2015

Casper Kelly, the director responsible for the brilliant, horrifying, eleven-minute long viral Too Many Cooks has now directed this humorous, lo-fi music video for Californian dance-punk band Chk Chk Chk's song Ooo.  

Playing around with sci-fi film tropes, the video follows the band on a Star Trek-style ship, casually engaged in some intergalactic warfare. Our main character, the Captain, is a man who has gotten around with many (not exclusively human) lovers but is holding out for his one true love, a green-skinned alien who seems far less interested in him...


"Ooo started from a feeling of a relationship teetering on the edge of breaking up or going to the next level, combined with an instrumental section in the middle with echoey sounds that evoked photon torpedoes in science fiction battles.

"I decided to combine the two. I also liked the idea of combining the feeling of the Star Wars cantina bar with a college mixer. I tried to make it not too story-oriented but a bit more abstract.­ I wanted a lot of the details of what happened between the Captain and the green woman implied or submerged.

"Lastly, I love combining repeating visual movements with the repetition in the wonderful chorus, ­hence the ship getting rocked by torpedoes and people scrambling in time with the beat. It was such a thrill to shoot. I wish I could live in the world of this video.”

PRO Credits


DirectorCasper Kelly
Production CompanyIconoclast
LabelWarp Records
CommissionerRik Green
Executive ProducerAnna Smith
ProducerEmily Rudge
Service CompanySpitfire Studios
Line ProducerAdam Renshaw
Line ProducerNina Hodge
Director of PhotographyBill Burton
1st ADAdam Jordan
EditorZach Lamplugh
EditorPaul Painter
ColouristPaul Painter
After EffectsZach Lamplugh
Other creditsBackground art: Tarik Keskin CG artist: J Griffin

Cat Velez - 25th Nov 2015

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