Cat Velez - 21st Oct 2015

Edward John Drake has directed this lovely travelogue style video capturing the forever scenic Las Vegas and its surrounding areas, shot on Super 8mm. It follows a couple of vagabond lovers who's bond is more tenuous than expected...


"I came across a helluva story while traveling through Canada. A man told of his homeless wandering days and how he always fell for the girls with broken wings. One such time in Vegas - warm under the flashing lights & generous tippers - he came into some free cash. His best chance at starting a family. Lady fleeced the guy the very next day. He watched her pick up every penny and cent but didn't stop her. Here's where Chapter 2 of the music video would begin.

"After that, Guy said enough was enough. He had a $17 million inheritance waiting for him back home in Beverly Hills. He called an Uber, was driven back to Los Angeles from the Strip, and now manufactures & ships designer combs to celebrity clients of his Dad's law firm. 

"Que sera, sera, for the romantic motherfuckers in us all."

PRO Credits


DirectorEdward John Drake
ProducerBill Carson
Executive ProducerTabitha Whoaman
Director of PhotographyDanny Batalles
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner @ Marisa Garner Associates
Director's RepresentationAssociates
LabelCooking Vinyl

Cat Velez - 21st Oct 2015

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