Cat Velez - 14th Oct 2015

New American pop star Halsey's anthemic track New Americana is a futuristic thriller about counter-culture insurgency in post apocalyptic America, with Halsey as its leader. It's also a combination of action, thrills and beautiful imagery, under the direction of Jodeb.

Shot in lush Hawaii, the video stages a raid on the insurgency's hideout by a gun-toting SWAT team, where Halsey is captured - and dragged back to the village - to face a horrible fate, in front of cowering villagers. But will they succeed in freeing themselves?  

As the singer explains in the BTS video, in the video her 'New Americans' are concerned with issues of social justice and are united by post-racial, liberal and egalitarian ideologies, embracing the idea of a better future. And the message will prevail in the end...

Watch 'Halsey 'New Americana' by Jodeb' here


ProducerAngela Gregory
Production CompanyVision Film Co
Director of PhotographyKate Arizmendi
Executive ProducerGeoff McLean
CommissionerDanny Lockwood
Director's RepresentationTommy Labuda

Cat Velez - 14th Oct 2015

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