David Knight - 12th Oct 2015

Kevan Funk reunites with Braids, and follows up his excellent video for the band's Miniskirt with a striking one for Taste, which features Raphaelle Standell standing in the middle of a pack of dancers or alone in the woods cut together with shots of naked bodies, of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

In his treatment, Funk wrote: "I see it as these scenes that would almost feel like portraiture, these images that have a mixture of being beautiful and in someways haunting." He has achieved his aim, and beyond anything else, these still or nearly-still images of naked people in their own homes demand the viewer's curiosity.

Funk also wrote in his treatment: "I like the idea of the viewer projecting this idea on to the individuals, that refrain of ‘we experience the love that we think we deserve’ somehow leading us to assume the type of life these people have had, who and how they love and have been loved." 

PRO Credits


DirectorKevan Funk
Production CompanyEverything All At Once (canada)
Director of PhotographyKelly Jeffrey
Focus PullerEric Rowe
GafferCam Smith
Art DirectorGrace Hartnett
EditorKevan Funk
ColouristZach Cox
LabelArbutus / Flemish Eye
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Peter Hadfield, Sam Kuhn, Fantavious Fritz, Daiva Zainieriunas, Randy Grskovic, Justin Broadbent, Laura Lanktree, Rico Moran, Matt Marek

David Knight - 12th Oct 2015

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