Cat Velez - 28th Sept 2015

JaJa OK is the Anglo-Swedish band that has risen from the ashes of Francobollo, and bandmember/director Sam Bailey follows on from those excellent vids for I Found A Bike Today and Basketball with this splendid slice of political parody for their single Gimme Your Money - featuring lead singer Simon Nilsson in the role of Prime Minister. 

With the judicious use of existing footage - and Nilsson's inflated head replacing David Cameron's - Sam introduces all manner of famous political figures, most of whom have been cast into oblivion at the last General Election.  And once he's impressed his fellow MPs in the House of Commons, Nilsson finally gets right down to it and tells the general public to give him all their money. And there's a very enjoyable guitar solo too.

"Born out of a joint sense of fed-uppishness at everything, we made this video with nothing but love, and fully expect it to get taken down at some point," says Sam. "God bless The Parody Act!"


DirectorSam Bailey
VFXSam Bailey
Production CompanyOliver's Island
LabelFierce Panda
Other creditsCAST: Simon Nilsson, Sean Bean, Wiya Hellborg, Petter Grevelius, Sam Bailey

Cat Velez - 28th Sept 2015

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